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McCallum High School Class of 1971

Austin, TX


If you were not there you missed out! And we missed you!

Here are the pictures from the reunion.

Thanks to Debbie for arranging the fabulous venue.  And for calling people to harrass  encourage them to attend the reunion.

We had the most diverse group ever.  Fun was had by all, even the spouses.  Everyone at the reunion went home with new friends.

Pictures will be posted with links on here.  Also if you are on facebook, check out McCallum High School Class of 1971 and pictures will be posted there.

SAVE THE DATE:  JUNE 11, 2016 - 45th Reunion


A book will be published in 3 formats with all the contact info for everyone, pictures of the reunion and bios and pictures sent in by everyone.  More to follow.  There will be a choice of a hard bound book for a fee, a pdf via email for free, or a book published by me cheaply. 

Check the missing list.  We still want to find people for the next reunion in 5 years!

If you asked me for something Saturday you might want to email me ( and remind me since I did not write anything down.
(Jim Pringle I will email you the scanned pages from the yearbook).




Remember:  If you move send new info to  We do not want to stalk you again!  And put in your will that an email will be sent with your obituary!

Missing List:
we need email addresses- send to

We have no information on the following people:

Allison Parker
Alvin Jordon
Annette Law Stewart
Barry Loving
Bart Rogers
Bill Albright
Bill Doyle
Bill Griffin
Bill Walston
Bonnie Smith
Bruce Hilburn
Bryan Foster
Carol Harris Barber
Carolyn Christie Foster
Carter Lee Pace
Cathy Griffith
Charles LaRoche
David Balch
David Garrett
David Jackson
David Simpson
Debbie Smith
Dee Harris
Dennis Williams
Don Whitman
Doug Watson
Duncan Hall
Ed Jordan
Ed Price
Esther Garcia
Fernando Martinez
Gail Wood
George Bernard
Glenn Smith
Greg Cox
Harman Ramsey
Irene Garcia
James Anderson
James Cameron
Janet Nematollahi Stuchlik
Jeff Scott
Jennifer Whatley
Jim Gonzales
Jim Martin
Jim Nichol
Jimmy Yocham
Joe Roberts
Joel Perez
John Perez
John Goodall
John Jamieson
John Jonas
John King
John Lane
John McKnight
John Thompson
John Wells
John Williams
Jose Angel Canizales
Judy Guenther Elliot
Karen Mitchell
Karen Weaver
Karsten tom Dick
Katherine Wilson
Kathy Martin
Kedron Castaneda
Kenneth Childress
Larry Campbell
Larry Weihe
Larry Welch
Linda Wuthrich Brown
Louita Wilson
Lynn Knasel
Marie Vennisat
Mark Robbins
Mary Payne
Maxine Meucer
Michael Hanks
Mike James
Mike Newton
Mike Rose
Mike Russell
Nancy Johnson
Pat Kilgore
Patty Smith Lucas
Phil Fontaine
Randy Copeland
Richard Simmons
Ricky L Wells
Robbie Roberts
Robert S Waggoner
Roscoe Smith
Sam Morgan
Stephen Coker
Steve Gillette
Steve Jones
Thomas Kozelka
Tiziana Amorini
Tom Howard
Tommy McDaniel 
Vickie Hughes Anderson



Please submit all updates to:

Send us your recent profile, pictures, family info, updates to our missing list or any suggestions for the website.

Take our survey!  Tell us what you are doing now and what you have done!  We will publish updates to our Reunion Book!

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Add the McCallum High School Class of 1971 to your facebook account.  This was set up by Bob Beglau!! 

Missing emails:

Need email addresses for these people:

Adele Bareiss Henneke

Alan Etheredge

Alan Sandberg

Allan Mandaville

Alvin Helge

Amy McClure Harrell

Ardell Capehart

Barbara Bidelman Talley

Barbara Hanz

Barbie Tyner Bienvenu

Beth Barclay Alley
Beverly Hogan

Bill Daugherty

Bill Goines

Bill Whitworth

Bobbie Burns Johnson

Bobby LeCroix

Brenda Winslett White

Carmen Mays Klein

Carol Deglandon Hutson

Caron Koenniger Marnocha

Cathy Holcomb Rogers

Cathy Martin Mayes

Charlene McDougall

Christine Skirvin Wharton

Christye Crawford Forbis

Chuck Grimes

Cindy Gustafson Bacon
Connie Cain Eggenburger

Cynthia Bauhof Pearson

Cynthia Neal Newberry
Danny Shea
Danny Tyler

Danny Zvonek

Darlene Garden Morris

David Creswell

David McCright

David Morgan

Debbie Adcock Miears

Debbie Cass Churchill

Debbie Hillock Hajek

Debbie Shoen Mason

Debra Derr Watson

Dennis Taylor

Diana Daech

Dick Mathys

Don Bunnell

Don Steaples

Donald Binkert

Donna Farnsworth Riena

Donna Funke Samford

Donna Logsden Wright

Donna Tindall Mitchell

Donna Townsley Bonner
Ed Hopkins

Ed Hubbard

Elaine Huie Sanchez

Emily Hampton

Evelyn Simpson Baum

Frances Welborn Goodwin

Fred Walters
Gary Foster

Gary Harr

Gary Laird

George Nichol
Gracie Milicia Walker
Harry L Ott

Howard James

Ida Proske Watson

Jan Chapman Kitchens

Jane Nolte Gonzales

Janet Hindsman Fisher

Janet Smith McClurg
Jean Hajovsky Tumlinson
Jeanette Law Brownlee

Jeff Sessler

Jenni Vickers Mikulec

Jesse Wallis

Jimmie Barnett

Joe Ramsey
John Anthony Bove

John Hubbs

Judy Davis Polk

June Oman Whipkey

Karen Langston

Karen Wilson Scott

Ken McCalla

Ken Rodriguez

Kevin McLeod

Lana Shavers Estill

Landre Tomblinson

Lane Wingo
Laura Norris Vincent

Lavonna Bryan Lerche

Leslie Parker

Lewis Troiano

Linda Lowrie Fry
Linda McCall Blunt
Linda Witt Hall

LouAnn Coppedge Goode
Louise Vennisat Clarkston
Lucette Taylor Morrison
Lydia Snitko Flowers

Maggie Krugman Braden

Marilyn Rowell Estepp

Mark Hopkins

Mark Peterson

Mary Garland Aldrich

Mary Haddad Busch
Mary Hastings Murdock
Michael Loney

Mike Dodson

Mike Inman

Mike Mathys

Mike Miller

Mike Prellop

Mike Schwobel

Mike Shapiro
Mike Sigrest
Nancy Beard White 

Nancy Gay Nouzovsky

Nancy Henry Schroeder

Ofelia Olivares Sosa

Pat Bailey

Pat Eastman Parks

Patti Fischler Marx

Paul Land

Peggy Tanner Beddall

Rachel Perez Vesper

Ramon Martinez Jr

Randall Litton

Randy Henderson

Randy Jackson

Reid Nygard

Rex Hunt

Richard Cartwright

Richard Simmons

Rick Piland
Robert H Vorwerk
Robert Worley
Robin Arbogust Temple

Rodney Arnold
Rolfe Nordyke

Rosemary Haltom Kleinert

Rosemary Horton Cone

Ross Castillo

Sandra Bernal

Sandy Willis Duncan

Sharla Herridge  

Sharon Butler
Sharon Mason Castleberry

Sheila Schmidt Harrison

Sheryl Swenson Stephens

Steve Mangrum

Steve Mynes

Steve Petmecky

Steve Rudy

Sue Presley

Susan Allen Milstead

Susan Grace Tramp Hall

Susan Peak Gillespie

Susan Penn French

Susan Taylor Casey

Susan Vincent

Susan Wieland

Susann Frasher Collins

Ted Gowin

Ted Wimberly

Teresa Frazier Hemperly

Terry LaRoche

Thomas Hoeflein

Timothy Cook  

Tom Grubbs

Tommy Bargsley

Tommy McGuire

Trulia Bryan Burcham

Vickie Dorsett Bell

Victor Schmidt
Walt Stone
Wendell Hough
Win Byers

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